My favorite kitchen tips for busy people

May 9, 2014

I am a busy woman who's reputation is based on practicing what I preach. Add a husband who works out of town for 2 weeks out of every month, 2 kids who are picky eaters and you get one big kitchen disaster. It has taken me years to figure out how to make meal time work so I thought I would post some of my favorite tips and tricks so that you can skip the disaster. Over the next few weeks I will go more into depth on how to make life in the kitchen easier.

  • Pick one day of the week and do all your meal planning, shopping and food prep for the week. With a little practice you can have this down to a few hours work. It will save you so much time throughout the week and keep you from ordering takeout and missing meals.

  • Invest in a Crock Pot if you don’t have one. This allows you to make amazing meals in no time if you do your prep and you’d be amazed what you can cook in these things.

  • Invest in a good blender if you don’t have one. They make busy lives easy and you can get kids to eat anything if it comes in the form of a shake.Kids will eat almost anything if you add bacon to the dish, same goes for husbands.

  • You can blend over a cup of spinach into a single jar of spaghetti sauce before you can notice the taste

  • Take your kids shopping with you and let them help in the kitchen, they are much more likely to eat healthy if they are involved with the process.

  • Protein powder is not just for body builders. Most women are protein deficient and it makes meal time very easy. Look for Whey or Casein not a meal replacement. Costco sells really good protein for really cheap. It is real food and safe for children just in smaller amounts than what you would eat.

  • Salads and stirfry’s are your new best friend. There are thousands of combinations of both, they make complete meals and are easy to adapt for your kids likes and dislikes.

  • Boiled eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat; they are also one of the easiest. You can even keep them in the fridge for up to a week.



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