In honor of the new year I am going to make an unbelievable offer for those of you who are ready to make a real change. I am opening 1 on 1 coaching spots that will begin starting the first week of February. For 3 months we will work side by side not only in the gym, but in the kitchen as well, this is an all or nothing program, no half measures here.

Everything we do will be hand picked based on your personal goals, needs, experience, likes, dislikes, and issues; this is all about you!




  • 3 hours a week with me in the beautifully stocked, private gym

  • Personalized programming tailored to you specifically

  • Weekly measurements and other tracking measures

  • Personalized nutrition coaching, whether it’s prepping lessons, menu planning, grocery lists etc.

  • Access to me outside of our sessions

  • A full, money back guarantee if you do the work and aren’t happy with my results


In return I am asking those who apply to be committed to change enough to give me 3 months. You are getting a large chunk of my time and energy, so I need you to work for it too.


Cost; $495 for 12 weeks

I did not want cost to be an eligible excuse for those who wanted to work with me so for one time only I am offering these services for the price of coffee a day (in case you are trying to do the math in your head it works out to $5.89 per day).


If a busy schedule is an issue for you, I have an open schedule for these spots but whoever commits first gets to pick their times first, so don't hesitate.

So, let go of the excuses, get mad, and make a commitment, and change your life in 2019!

Your Choice Program Design


Ever sign up for a service and end up getting stuck with more than you want? Apart from classes and promotions all my services are priced separately so we can pick and choose exactly what you need to reach your goals.


1 on 1 private training                                                                                                                    $30/ hour

Just you and I working towards whatever goal you have in a private gym setting.


Small group training                                                                                                                        $40/ hour per group

2-5 of you and your friends in the gym together. Find a few like minded friends and pay less per session.


Nutrition add on                                                                                                                               $75/ month

This covers your nutrition goals for a month at a time. Includes bi-weekly check ins and measurements, as well as help with things like menu planning, recipes, habit building, grocery shopping etc.


Now I am a big believer in commitment, time and time again clients who commit to a program get far better, and faster results than those who don’t. So, in honor of the commitment you are willing to give I offer a substantial discount to those who go all in.


3-month commitment*                                                                                                                 15% off


6-month commitment*                                                                                                                 30% off

Lindsee Mugford

PN Level 2 Coach, Canfitpro PTS and FIS


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