Gym Etiquette 101

While this won’t cover every situation in every gym this will get you through most situations.


  • Always clean up after yourself. Put weights away and wipe down equipment with cleaner.

  • Always check to see if someone else is already using a piece of equipment. Is there a towel on it, are the weights racked, do you see someone using it? If so, wait your turn but don’t stand there staring at them

  • You can ask to cut in if the gym is busy but only if you are using the equipment for the same exercise and using the same weight, if not you can ask how many sets they have left

  • NEVER talk to someone who is actively lifting weight

  • If someone has headphones in it means they want to be left alone

  • Never throw weights, on occasion it is ok to drop a weight if necessary, but only from low heights and remember dumbbells break

  • If someone offers you advice you can take it or leave it, just be polite about it

  • It is Never ok for someone to touch you without asking first, even if they say they are a trainer and want to help you with your form

  • If there are people in the gym don’t rest on a piece of equipment, they may want to use it

  • Don’t use 5 different pieces of equipment at once when the gym is busy, this is just rude

  • While there are many ways to use a piece of equipment a squat rack is for squats and a deadlift platform is for deadlifts, you can do bicep curls or stretch anywhere but there is only one safe place for heavy squats and deadlilfts

  • Some people make noise when they lift, when you are lifting really heavy this is NORMAL and even encouraged. Plates are made of iron and they are loud when they clang together during a lift, if this bothers you wear headphones. Unless they are screaming at the top of their lungs get over it










Lindsee Mugford

PN Level 2 Coach, Canfitpro PTS and FIS


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